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About Us

Positivi-Tea has been brewing for many years and finally, we decided to launch this dreamy tea store in 2021. Here you'll find ethically sourced and consciously crafted loose leaf blended teas.

Built on the belief a good cup of tea should do more than just taste nice, herbal elements and florals have been added to calm, energise and revitalise the body and mind. Each blend has been thoughtfully created to compliment your day and rise to meet your needs.

Positivi-Tea is founded by long-time tea enthusiast and nature lover, Jo who believes almost everything can be solved with a good cup of tea. As a multi-faceted woman with many hobbies, carving out time to unwind is incredibly important. Our whole range has been created, tried and tested by Jo and her willing crew of taste testers and quality control team. 

We know you'll find your perfect herbal tea here at Positivi-Tea.

Jo & The Positivi-Tea Team

P.S. Stay tuned for out monthly Special-Tea!